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Non-profits, Higher Education, Literature & Creative Writing, Clinical Research & Participant Advocacy, Regulatory Affairs, Individual Clients

grant writing, web content, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, video scripts, film synopses, PR materials, case studies, instructional handbooks, academic articles, plain language, personal essays, theses & dissertations


In my work, I strive to:

  • Help writers develop their best work
  • Prioritize clarity and concision
  • Craft accessible language and engaging storytelling


Consultation, drafting, micro-, macro-, and developmental editing, proofreading and copyediting, plain language review

Sliding scale (hourly or flat rate) based on your needs, deadlines, & project scope.

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I am a writer and editor based in Western Massachusetts. I work with Harvard Catalyst, the clinical and translational science center at Harvard Medical School, and support the SMART IRB project, an NIH-funded initiative to advance collaborative research across the country. I am Associate Editor of The Common, an award-winning literary journal based in Amherst, MA that publishes poems, essays, fiction, and images with a strong sense of place, and I direct The Common in the Classroom, which connects high school, undergraduate, and graduate students with contemporary voices and perspectives from around the world.

I am experienced in writing and editing for non-profits, higher education, and clinical research and healthcare organizations, as well as working with individual clients. My creative work has appeared in numerous journals and in Dry Eye, a chapbook published by Dancing Girl Press. I am a recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s 2016 Artist Fellowship in Poetry.


Master of Fine Arts, Writing and Literature (Poetry)
Bennington Writing Seminars, 2009 – 2011

Bachelors of Arts: Creative Writing and Comparative Literature; Arts and Ideas in the Humanities (Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa)
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1999 – 2003


Massachusetts Cultural Council 2016 Artist Fellowship in Poetry


American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Essential Skills Certificate, 2016
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Plain Language Training, 2015
Program for Readability in Science & Medicine (PRISM), 2014



Dry Eye (Dancing Girl Press), May 2014.


“A New Kind,” “For is a Memory,” “Another Nature,” and “Two Places” in Denver Quarterly.

“The Cecropia Moth” in Prelude, November 2016.

“In dog park,” “We were greeting home,” “We’re counting,” and “Fictive Metamorphosis of American Frogs into Fishes” in Word for/Word, March 2016.

“She was ratted old hungry” and “People stare” in YDLMIER 050, July 2014.

Porcelain Poetry: “Exotica” series w/Linda Aubry Bullock (Aubry Arts), September 2013.

“Objection Document,” “Table Readings,” “Kneeling Beast,” and “To Cure, I Invoked” in Amerarcana, March 2013.

“Opening and Into” & “Eat More Now” in The Bakery, July 2012.

“Settled” & “In-Gated, Like Cemetery” in Felucca, April 2012.

“Deviant, Look” in Kill Author, issue 18, April 2012.

“A Bird Building” & “A Bird Eating” in Swink, March 2012.

“Or Any Color, Whether Bright or Dark” in elimae, March 2012.

“Hot Desk: Ursonate” audiocassette release from Banned Productions, February 2012.

“This Is Then There Are,” “The Importance of Objects,” “Why we All Have Typhoid,” & “Armed Introduction” in Anomalous Press, issue 4, December 2011.

“Cyclopedia,” “Debt, A History,” “The Non-Stop Solving Of Crimes,” & “Slow Movers” in Glitter Pony, issue 13, December 2011.

“There For” & “The Landlord, His Father” in LIES/ISLE: Horror, issue 6, November 2011.

“This Fabric” in Shampoo 38, January 2011.


“The Hands that Touched it Last” in The Common Online, June 2016.

Linefork: in proximity to a movie in the making” in The Common Online, January 2016.

“On Display” in The Common Online, December 2015.

“Notes from a Box” in The Common Online, September 2015.

“Friday Reads” in The Common Online, May 2015.

“Closed for Good” in The Common Online, August 2015.

“Chart Showing The Ratio Of Church Accommodation…” in The Common Online, April 2015.

“Another Version: A Semi-Daily Practice” in The Common Online, February 2015.

“Seeking Warmth, Among Other Things” in The Common Online, December 2014.

“Look at All the Pretty Pictures” in The Common Online, October 2014.

“In House” in The Common Online, September 2014.

“Various Horizons: Western Expanses and a Sum of Parts” in The Common Online, May 2014.

“One Version of a Daily Practice” in The Common Online, March 2014.

“In the Fields” in The Common Online, January 2014.

“How Should I Care For” in The Common Online, August 2013.

“3 Movies: In Conversation” in The Common Online, June 2013.

Academic Papers and Posters (co-author)

“The SMART IRB Platform: A national resource for IRB Review for multisite studies.” Journal of Clinical Translational Science, August 2019; (Co-first author).

“Development of a Plain-Language Library of Educational Resources for Research Participants.” Journal of Clinical Translational Science, July 2018.

“Ethical challenges experienced by clinical research nurses: A qualitative study.” Nursing Ethics, January 2017.

“The Harvard Catalyst Common Reciprocal IRB Reliance Agreement: An Innovative Approach to Multisite IRB Review and Oversight,” in Clinical and Translational Science, 2015.

“A Distributed Model: Redefining a Robust Research Subject Advocacy Program at The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center,” in Clinical and Translational Science, 2014.

“Research Subjects Want to Know: An IRB Asks Investigators to Consider Dissemination and Communication Strategies.” Presented at PRIM&R Advancing Ethical Research Conference, Baltimore: December 4-7, 2014.

“Case Studies for Assessing and Mitigating Risk in Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER): Creation of Educational Resources for IRB Members and Researchers.” Presented at PRIM&R Advancing Ethical Research Conference, Boston: November 7-9, 2013.

“IRB Ceded Review System: Determining a single IRB to review a multi-site study.” Presented at CTSA Informatics Key Function Committee Meeting, Chicago: November 7-8, 2012.


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